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'Doesn't have much credibility': AWU boss slams Littleproud over regional visa calls
AWU National Secretary Daniel Walton says he's looking forward to Nationals Leader David Littleproud “riding in on his one trick pony” to Labor's Jobs and Skills Summit with more calls for “easily exploitable” regional visas. Mr Littleproud accepted an...

Guy's new chief panned state Liberals in preselection speech
Matthew Guy's new chief of staff sharply criticised the direction of the Victorian Liberal Party and some of the Opposition Leader's key policies in a speech weeks before his elevation to the key staffing role. Nick McGowan, who was best man at Guy's...

Celebrate wonders of STEM during National Science Week 2022
National Science Week is Australia's largest annual celebration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, featuring hundreds of activities and events across the country; Opportunities for all Western Australians to explore and celebrate...

It's great education ministers agree the teacher shortage is a problem, but their new plan ignores the root causes
Last Friday, Australia's state and federal education ministers met with emotional teachers, who spoke of working on weekends and Mothers' Day to cope with unsustainable workloads – and how they were thinking about leaving the profession.

Fort Lytton Comes Alive Again!

Holding the Fort! is a go-back-in-time program for school age children. It’s a dramatized experience set in 1944, when Fort Lytton was in full operation (although past the immediate threat of attack). The children are framed as new recruits on their first day. In the story the General is arriving at 12 noon for an inspection and it’s a marathon race to get ready in just two hours. Hats and flags have to be made; semaphore has to learned; and drill on the twin-six pounder has to be practised. The General is played by one of our Fort Lytton Historical Association guides, and of course he gives the fort a pass and praises the competence of the new recruits.

Times - 10.00 - 12.30   Dates  June 29, 30 July 1, 6, 7, 8.

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